Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hoping To Become Parents Through Adoption

Let me start of by introducing ourselves are names are Richard and Brenda. We would like to thank you for taking the time to read and learn about our family. We know its a big decision and takes alot of strenght and courage in someones life to put there child up for adoption. If we were blessed with a child we would treasure them throught their lives. We have so much to offer a child between a loveing family, support,nuture and much more. We started this journey of adoption because Brenda is unable to have children due to being diagnosed with PCOS years ago. Her condition was getting worse so she had to go in for a surgery and have all her chances of having children of her own were gone. We started looking into adoption to complete our family. Brenda thinks that there was a reason for her to have had this illness, she believes God had a hand in it that there is a child out there that needs them as parents as much as they need the child. Even if were not the family your looking for for your child we thank you for giving someone else the chance of becoming parents.

My husband and I met on an online dating service, funny right who would of thought. We found each others profile and found we had much in common so we started emailing each other. This went on for weeks until one of us finally got the nerve to give our phone numbers to each other. We talked for hours every night on the phone about our families, hobbies, what we were looking for and so on. Anyway we talked for weeks and decided to meet each other, we seen pictures but. We lived
about an hour and a half away from each other so we had to make the date on a weekend. We went out to dinner than went to a scenic view where we talked and watched the sun go down. We just fit perfect together, we had so much in common, we both felt comfortable with each other. We didn't want the day to end so I followed him back to his house and we went out to a party, he wanted me to meet his friends. He was so cute there we sat on a bench and he asked me if he could kiss me, I said no just joking and he didn't. He didn't get mad about it and knew he was different, although at the end of the night we had our first kiss. He followed part way home so I wouldn't get lost and called me the next day. After that we knew we wanted to be together. We dated for a year and he asked my father for promission to marry me. He asked me to come down for the weekend and was planning to ask me on my birthday (Nov.) but he said he was so excited he asked me a day early. Then the next year we got married on Halloween night. We only had a small wedding with a few family members due to we were building onto our house to make more room for children. It was a rememberable night though we dressed in costume as my st bernard (passed in 04) did and a few family members. We plan on renewing our vows and inviting the whole family and friends to celebrate with us on a upcoming anniversary.

Richard or Richie as he likes to be called just turned 40 yrs old in March. He is employed with Mercedes Benz as a specialty tech where he has been for 22 years. We call him a jack of all trades as he can do or build anything he sets his mind to. When he bought the home we currently live in he gutted everything and started from scratch. He was a boyscouts for many years when he was younger. Richie is also a amazing singer as he was in many bands as the front man. Also he plays the drums which he talks about teaching his child one day. He was born in Phila. Pa where he lived with his mother and grandparents after his parents went through a divorce. From there they moved to NJ where his mother got remarried. Unfortuantly his mother passed from cancer this passed year, it was a shame she never was able to meet her grandchildren. He still is in touch with his stepfather who only lives about 20 minutes away. His biological dad also remarried and had 3 more children John,Anthony, and Carla who he also says in touch with, they live in Phila. yet. His grandparents moved to NJ and live only 15 minutes from us as well. He is very close to his family as so am I, they are the most important part of our lives.

Brenda is currently 36 years old (Nov.) and is a homemaker, to be a stay at home mother. She loves to draw and paint as she sold a few in her earlier years. A very big animal lover, she bakes treats for the dogs and cats to bring to the local shelters where she volunteers. She also is a great cook and baker just like her parents as it runs in the family. She grew up in both NJ and the mountains of Pa. She loved to spend time with her grandparents in Pa where they would camp for the summer at Knobles Grove. Brenda loves all sports especially basketball so Richie made her a little court in the back yard. Just like her husband, she is musically inclined, she taught herself to paly 4 instruments and is currently learning her fifth one. Her parents have been married for 46 years and still going strong. She has a older sister named Kimberly who also is married and lives in South Carolina with their own business. Just like Richie, family is the most important part of Brendas life as well, we wouldn't be who we are if we didn't have great families.

In our spare time we love to do anything when were together. We are up to camping in the mountains, going to the beach, or just going to the flea market. We just put in a large swimming pool in the yard so thats a daily activity. Our home sits on almost acre so were able to have fun riding our go-carts. We both have show cars and motorcyles which we put into competion from time to time. In our eyes family is the most important, we all take turns going to each others house wether its for dinner or just to spend time together. Brendas cousins children love to come and stay with us for a mini vacation because we take them places and spoil them rotten. We have 2 four legged kids named Harlee and Hailee are kitty cats. People tell us they get treated better then some kids they know. We haven't gone any long vacations yet as we are still working on the house, but were almost done we just have the deck to build, then we can enjoy ourselves. It just isn't as much fun as when the kids aren't around I feel like theres something missing, my life just isn't complete.

Richie (by Brenda) The first thing that attracted me to him was the way he talked about his family, not to mention his accent. He is such a gentlemen he opens doors, says thank you, your welcome, please it may not sound like a big thing but from the guys I'm use to it is. If I'm in a bad mood he knows just how to cheer me up. If I'm not feeling good or sick he'll make me tea and soup. He always puts me first before him, just very considerate. Trust is very important to me and he completly trust me, he never asks where I was or what I did. The guys he works with always complains about their wives and he he tells them I don't have that problem with mine. He appreciates the little things in life. Richies very big into family which is the most important part in my eyes. I look at the way he is with the kids in the neighborhood and my second cousins and see what a loving father he would be. To sum it all up he is my soulmate and I would be lost without him. They always say that a woman looks for a man that reminds them of her father and to sum it up I married him.

Brenda (by Richie) She is the girl I dreamed of marrying. She takes care of everything,I don't have to worry about a thing. I knew from talking to her over the phone she was the one but when I met her and seen those beautiful green eyes that was it. We had so much in common right from the beginning. To describe her shes my little country girl tomboy, she not afraid to work,get dirty, or try anything. She has the biggest heart of anyone I know, she helps anyone if she could. Brenda is very simple and so innocent shes like a little girl, material things don't matter to her its the little things. The most important part of her life is family as she takes care of both of our families, if thet need anything shes ready to go. I don't know what else to say shes my one and only and I'm lucky to have found her as I'll never find another woman like her.

Both our families can't wait for a child or children to become part of our lives. It seems to be the question of everyday did you hear anything yet? Any child that becomes ours will have love, support, trust, everything we can offer to make their lives better. They will be welcomed with great grandparents,grandparents,aunts,uncles,cousins, and two most greatful parents in the world.

We both like to thank you for learning about our family. Wether we are picked for your child or not its a great gift that your giving to someones family. We have everything we ever wanted in our lives but a child and it will never be complete without being parents. As we said befroe we are open the the birthparents wishes of either a open or closed adoption. Adoption is the best gift a couple can ever give to another couple which can ever be repaid but to prove you'll give their child the best life that you are capable to give. So with that told we would love to extend our family with yours.

Praying for a miracle,

Brenda and Richie


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Hi there, my name is Samantha, I am an adoptive mother as well. I just wanted to tell you I came across your site and thinks it's wonderful. You can see mine at if yu want. Are you going through an agency or freelancing to adopt? Anyway, good luck and best wishes!